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The manual "Understanding Human Rights" has been translated to many languages, which we would like to present here.

Please note that all translations published before 2007 were based on the first and original edition of the English version, published in May 2003.

The second English edition, updated in 2005 and 2006, was published in May 2006 and serves as a basis for the following translations and updates. The third English edition was completely revised, updated and extended (three new modules on the rights to asylum, minority rights and the right to privacy) in 2012.

On this page you will find the full text of the manual in the following languages (in alphabetical order). Language versions without a link are either not (yet) available on-line or available only in hardcopy.


  • Albanian (1st edition 2004)
  • Albanian (2nd, revised and extended edition edition 2014)
  • Arabic (1st edition 2004)
  • Arabic (2nd, revised and extended edition 2014)
  • German (1st edition 2004)
  • German (2nd edition 2009)
  • German (3rd, revised and extended edition - upcoming)
  • Italian (upcoming)
  • Japanese (2010, only hardcopies available)
  • Thai (2006, only hardcopies available)