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Initial Aid for the Human Rights City of Bihac


Project summary:

As analyses have shown, the citizens of Bihać; in Bosnia-Herzegovina know only little about their human rights and their violations as well. The most urgent need for action in this regard concerns the fields of social inclusion, freedom to religion and general human rights education. After a human rights education seminar held by the ETC and the Centre for Human Rights of the University of Sarajevo in 2006, a participant contacted PDHRE (People’s Decade for Human Rights Education) to ask for information about the process of becoming a Human Rights City.

Since the initiation of the respective process, Graz has become a partner of Bihać; and the ETC Graz has monitored the process. The aim of the project was to achieve capacity building in all ranks of the city, human rights education through train-the-trainers workshops, and to support the process of becoming a Human Rights City through monitoring local implementation.

According to PDHRE, the process of becoming a Human Rights City involves the examination of local laws, policies, resources and relations concerning matters of human rights and gender equality. Institutions, NGOs and private persons concerned survey political, economic and social parameters with regard to human rights standards, thereby taking into account traditions and cultural specifics. Through this process, inhabitants of Bihać; learn to identify their human rights and violation thereof, and to actively contribute to the development of their city from a human rights perspective.


Project dates: