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Human Rights Education based on the Manual "Understanding Human Rights" - New Arab Edition(MRB 4)


Project description

The project "Human Rights Education based on the Manual Understanding Human Rights - New Arab Edition(MRB 4)" was started to launch a new translation of the Arabic edition of the ETC manual on human rights education of 2004. Most parts of the new Arabic edition had to be newly translated and elaborated following he third English edition.

After a hard elaboration process 1500 hard copies will be disseminated largely by the Palestinian project partner Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies (RCHRS) through their activities and networks, a smaller part will be distributed by the ETC on cooperation with the Austrian Ministry for European and Internationl Affairs and the Diplomatic Academy Vienna. Furthermore, the manual is available for free download on the websites of the ETC and the RCHRS.

A small "by-product" of the publication is the Arabic version of the ETC mini-folder "30 Points for Human Dignity" which contains a shortened version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Download Manual...

"30 Points for Human Dignity" (mini-folder arabic)...


Project data

  • 2011 2014


Project team

  • Florian Brugger (bis Ende 2012)
  • Klaus Starl
  • Barbara Schmiedl
  • Elias Amer Duaibes