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The European Coalition of Cities against Racism (ECCAR) started as an UNESCO initiative in 2004. The coalition is a network of cities that aim at improving policies against racism, discrimination and xenophobia through exchange of good practices to make cities inclusive and sustainable.

The city of Graz accessed the European Coalition of Cities against Racism on 29 June 2006. Klaus Starl acts as a consultant of the coalition.


Various projects have been implemented in the framework of the coalition and with various partner cities. The common goal of all project is to further social cohesion in cities and municipalities:


Please find here all tools of the

ECCAR Toolkit for Equality (English/German)

ECAR - European Cities against Racism (Monitoring Manual / Situation Analysis Graz (English summary) / Good Practice Approaches / ECAR Policy Paper - How to Combat Racism in Your City)
TKE - Toolkit for Equality (Survey Report)
ADPOLIS - Antidiscrimination policies successfully implemented (analysis of model polivies, exchange and training)