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FRAME - Fostering Human Rights among European (external and internal) Policies


Project summary

Frame is a large-scale, interdisciplinary, four-year FP7 project aimed to cast European Human Rights Policies from a comprehensive, multi-actor and global perspective. FRAME is being carried out by a Consortium of 19 academic partners and approximately 100 researchers from Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Hungary, Italy, India, Ireland, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.


FRAMEís main objective is to provide the necessary building blocks for the development of comprehensive and coherent European Human Rights Policies, including: (i) a sound knowledge base taking into account the evolving factors, concepts and instruments underlying the protection and promotion of human rights at the EU, international and national levels; (ii) a critical examination and appraisal of the EUís real and potential contribution to global human rights governance through its engagement with actors and its wide-ranging policies and instruments; (iii) a thorough scrutiny of the effectiveness of human rights promotion in the maze of EU institutions, competences and policies; and (iv) a set of indicators, tools and policy proposals allowing for a consistent and tailor-made integration of human rights into EU external and internal actions and policies. 


Project website...

Publication: Baseline Study on Human Rights Indicators in the Context of the European Union... (pdf)


Project dates

2013 - 2017