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DAS BOOT IST VOLL IV - Training of Trainers with a Migration History


Project description

‚DAS BOOT IST VOLL IV – training and first time deploying of coaches with migrant background’ is based on the successfully continued ETC-Project DAS BOOT IST VOLL. The experiences so far show that the project in its online and ‘analog’ version has been accepted as a play by youth and young adults.

Previous efforts have proven that the play obtains its most successful impact when workshop participants haven’t suffered any discrimination on the basis of their position or personal history. Especially in mixed or mainly migrant groups the coaches were greatly tested to shield that the play causes any discouragements and negative reinforcements. All workshop participants regardless of whether with or without any migration history or discrimination experience benefit from a mixed coaches team that has the ability to complement the mediated content by own experiences.

The project covers the concept and the implementation of a two-day training seminar for the coaches, the coordination with relevant organizations of autonomous migrant organization, the adaptation of the workshop concept for mixed and mainly migrant groups as well as the implementation of play workshops with the newly educated coaches. Coaches, who want to continue working for ‘DAS BOOT IST VOLL’, will be included to the trainers' pool of the ETC Graz. It goes without saying that they can provide ‘DAS BOOT IST VOLL’-play workshop as a part of their organizations.


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Project information

October 2012 – July 2013