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NEUMIN – Life situation of „new minorities“ in Austria and their implications for national, regional and local human rights politics, based on the example of people with dark skin color in selected Austrian urban centers


Project summary

People with dark skin colour are perceived by the majority as being a homogenous group, exemplified exclusively by physical characteristics even though a multitude of diversity is exhibited. In the sector of so called “new minorities”, this is used to identify a group that, despite being quite homogenous, is only constructed as such by a unified ascription.

Different studies furnish evidence that people of this target group are or were constantly victims of such racism, and that equal participation in society is prevented by exclusion, limitation, disadvantage and differentiation regarding their indulgence in equal rights. Here, only a norm-based - (i.e. a fundamental rights based) – approach provides an alternative regarding the arrangement of cohabitation in the local community.

In this project, the goal is to operationalize the implementation of the Art.1 ICERD – the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. This is applied in areas of life of vital interest with relevance to human rights (health, employment and wage, access to the law and the legal state, public space). Furthermore, the scope of application of the General Equal Treatment Act will be chosen. The need for action in this central area of politics and law will be demonstrated and adequate recommendations will be delivered.


Project dates

December 2011 – July 2012



Karin Maria Schmidlechner (project management)

Isabella Meier

Simone Philipp

Klaus Starl