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Learn human rights

All human rights for all - the motto of the 1993 World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna, means that human rights education, i. e. learning about human rights and for human rights, must be accessible to all.

In that sense, ETC Graz offers a variety of programs and events such as university courses, presentations, discussions, seminars and workshops. With only a few exceptions, the only requirement for admissibility to these programs is the interest in the subject. We look forward to the contribution of experience and knowledge to our discussions from people with all kinds of professions and backgrounds.

All the lectures, discussions and presentations do not require any admission fees. Intensive classes and events such as the openly advertised seminars and workshops require admission fees up to 10 Euro. For the annual Summer Academy on Human Rights and Human Security as well as for seminars that can be organized specially for companies, school classes and organizations, please consult our price list (German only).


Human rights learning events

  • Lecture series "Introduction to Human Rights"
  • Study group "Introduction to Human Rights Education"
  • Human Rights Debate Club
  • Lecture series on Use and Conflicts in Public Space
  • Human Rights Regulars' Table
  • Summer Academy on Human Rights and Human Security
  • Lectures & Discussions
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Private lessons/individual tutorials

For further information, please visit the German site.