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DAS BOOT IST VOLL - On-line game on discrimination on the labour market


Project summary:

The game DAS BOOT IST VOLL refers to economic and labour market processes just as the classical Monopoly. However, while playing Monopoly means acting in a social vacuum with equal chances for all players (in spite of local variations and adaptations) DAS BOOT IST VOLL is based on role-cards (woman/man, member of the majority/minority population, education, age, possibly also disability) and therefore gives each player another close-to-reality starting point. In the course of playing strategic skills and luck will be influenced by education cards, job cards and risk cards oriented on the different conditions for several (groups of) persons in real life.

The learning effect of the game is based on sensibilising the players to the inequality of societal conditions by experiencing different starting conditions and (partly multiple) discrimination. The process of sensibilisation and the knowledge acquired in the course of the game through input on the joker cards can be deepened after the game with additional material containing broader information and facts.

The project consisted of the elaboration of the first ideas resulting in an interactive online game, the revision of the discriminatory cards in regards to legislation and societal reality in Austria and the fine-tuning of the game mechanisms. Project result is the online game on a publicly accessible website.


Project website: DAS BOOT IST VOLL...


Project dates:

September 2009 - August 2010