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"DON'T LOOK ASIDE!" A movie against racism and discrimination


Project summary:

Austria is currently experiencing a shift to the right, which due to its simplifying slogans is especially appealing to adolescents. The number of incidents, motivated by right-wing and racist convictions is increasing. Xenophobia, racism and Islamophobie are phenomena, which are widespread also among adolescents. Politicians are publicly promoting race-baiting against foreigners and migrants. Racism is increasingly becoming socially accepted.

Against this background, the ETC and Helping Hands Graz, together with students from the HLW Social Management have jointly developed an anti-racism spot, in order to countervail this alarming development, by providing awareness training. The spot shall contribute to raising the people’s awareness of the topic of racist discrimination (in this case especially discrimination in schools). The students demonstrate what moral courage means and show that everyone has the possibility to stand up against racism and discrimination, in order to protect the inviolable human dignity of all people.

To ensure that the public is reached adequately, we are supported by the media landscape of Graz. The spot is broadcasted in several mediums (ORF Styria, cinemas), in order to strengthen sensitivity and to make a clear statement  against the exclusion of fellow citizens. In addition, the spot is publicised on various homepages (NPOs, City of Graz, Federal Youth Activity Agency) as well as on You Tube. The ETC also uses the spot for workshops and trainings aiming at an anti-racist human rights education for different target groups.


Project dates:


This anti-racism spot is a project of the ETC Graz and Helping Hands Graz, which was coordinated within the framework of the network project “HUM-Human Rights as a lived everyday culture”, a project which has been coordinated by the „ARGE Jugend gegen Gewalt und Rassismus“ (working group youth against violence and racism). The film project has been supported by the following institutions: The Federal State of Styria/Social Affairs, the City of Graz, Human Rights Council of the City of Graz, HLW Social Management Graz, Professional School Grabenstraße.