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Human Security and Human Rights Education


Project summary:

The research project is a follow-up to the workshop held by the ETC in June/July 2000. The ETC has the task to elaborate and prepare a study on the topic “Human Security and Human Rights Education” for the session of the Foreign Ministers of the Human Security Network in 2003. In the year 2002/3 the network on human security, chaired by Austria, made additional demands on the ETC. Thus there was examined a pilot study for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about possible activities in the field of human security and human rights education. Moreover the examination of the manual on human rights education within the frame of the project started and the “Grazer Erklärung zur Menschenrechtsbildung” was elaborated. Furthermore a study on “Human Security and Human Rights” was drafted and presented during a conference in Lisbon.  


Project dates: