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Monitoring of the Election Campaign of the Municipal Council in Graz 2008


Project summary:

As a City of Human Rights, Graz is committed to protect, advance and respect the rights of every human being. The Human Rights Advisory Council was monitoring the election campaign of political parties for the municipal election in 2008. The monitoring was conducted under the motto ‘No election campaign at the expense of human beings’.

The intention of this monitoring was to respond publicly to the violation of human rights and to arouse citizens’ as well as political parties to human rights matters. The monitoring consisted in the collection and evaluation of election campaign material and in the publication of expertise about their accordance to human rights standards. For the parties, the monitoring served as a way to orientate their campaigns towards human rights standards; for citizens it became an instrument to identify human rights standards and their violations. By publizing the respective results of the monitoring, the project contributed to “more human rights in political communication”.

The project results were presented at the meeting of the executive committee of the cities’ coalition against racism (ECCaR) in November 2008 in Graz to representatives of 20 cities, like London, Madrid, Stockholm and others, as well as to the representatives of the UNESCO. Since then, several conversations are conducted with Stockholm regarding a corresponding undertaking.


Project dates:

The project took place from June 2007 until July 2008.

Information (German) is available on the website: