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Human Rights Education Based on the Manual "Understanding Human Rights" II


Project summary:

“Human Rights Education based on the manual ‘Understanding Human Rights’ II” was a follow-up project to the HRE I project from 2004/2005 (see above). One important part of the project was to arrange 4 train-the-trainers workshops which were held in different cities in South Eastern Europe. In these workshops the Croatian, Serbian and Albanian editions of the manual ‘Understanding Human Rights’ were widely used. Afterwards, an evaluation seminar was held in Graz to discuss the results and to share ideas for further activities.

Another part of the project was the preparation of the second edition of the manual ‘Understanding Human Rights’ in English to have an adequate basis for further editions in other languages. During the project the website of the manual was extended and completed with online materials and additional resources for education and training.


Project dates:

The project was realised by the ETC together with partners from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia and Macedonia and took place between December 2005 and January 2007.