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Research About Human Security and its Keyfactors - FOMESI


Project summary:

FOMESI is a research project on Human Security, complementary to the HUMSEC project. The aims of the project are to

  1. develop and to strengthen the capacities of the ETC concerning Human Security and
  2. exchange expertise within the HUMSEC network and the exchange of knowledge in the annual Summer Academy.

Among the activities it is worth highlighting the development of the working papers

(1) on “Human Security: Fighting Terrorism and Organized Crime: (Normative) Decisions Related to Terrorism and Organized Crime of International Organizations”, as well as

(2) on human trafficking, entitled “Empowering Victims of Human Trafficking: the Role of Support, Assistance and Protection Policies”.


Project dates:

The project took place from March 2007 until February 2009.