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Establishment and Networking of Human Rights Centres in Former Yugoslav Republics


Project summary:

This project aimed at the establishment and networking of University Human Rights Centres in South Eastern Europe and their strengthening as local focal points for human rights learning and outreach activities, research, curriculum development and specialised literature and documentation databases. The Human Rights Centres in Banja Luka, Mostar, Podgorica, Prishtina and Focal Points in Belgrade, Skopje and Zagreb have been established. Together with the Human Rights Centres of the University of Sarajevo, WUS-Austria and the ETC, developed a number of projects, the centres provide services in the fields of human rights training and research, teaching, library and documentation, and operate as clearing houses for local and international academic co-operation in the field. The centres and focal points together form a network (HRC-NET) of academic human rights institutions in the region, which engages in joint teaching and research activities.


Project dates:

The project took place from 2001 until 2003, together with ETC’s partners, University of Sarajevo, University of Banja Luka, Human Rights Center Mostar, University of Montenegro, University of Prishtina; the Center for Human Rights in Belgrade, University of Skopje, and was funded by the European Commission and the World University Service.