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Development and Implementation of a Non-Discrimination Training for Judges and Prosecutors Based on Human Rights Education - ADTJ


Project summary:

The primary goal of the project was the advancement of de-facto legal protection of persons concerned by discrimination through a training for judges and prosecutors. The training created awareness among the judges and prosecutors and thus tore down barriers in access to justice and assisted them to meet the challenges in line with human rights law as adopted by the international community.


From the beginning the project “Development and implementation of anti-discrimination training for judges and prosecutors on the basis of human rights education” was built on a close cooperation between the responsible authorities and the private training institutes and their practising lawyers in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. In the pursuit of the project’s objectives – which were harmonised trainings programmes, standardised and institutionalised application of anti-discrimination law training in the judicial system in order to fulfil the obligation evolving out of the project contract and to achieve the corresponding results – the following measures were established:

  • 20 trainings were carried out for more than 500 judges, prosecutors and trainee judges in the four countries.
  • A training manual was designed by the partners in different languages in order to facilitate a sustainable training programme.
  • A “Pool of Experts” was established within the project for consistent assistance and counselling.
  • Four studies were generated for the assessment of the situation concerning the state of anti-discrimination training in the four countries and the implementation of the two most relevant directives 43/2000/EC and 78/2000/EC.
  • From these studies, the book “Anti-discrimination for the judiciary” evolved.
  • The information platform is the partners’ outreach tool, which is filled with relevant information and contacts and is available for everybody under:

The beneficiaries of the project were victims of discrimination, members of vulnerable groups, legal professions, counsellors, trainers and also researchers.


Project dates:


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