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Human Security in the Western Balkan Regions: The Impact of Transnational Terrorist and Criminal Organisations on the Peace-Building Process of the Region - HUMSEC


Project summary:

The HUMSEC Project was a Sixth Framework Programme Coordination Action, whose purpose was to contribute to a better understanding of the link between transnational terrorist groups and criminal organisations in the Western Balkans and their role in the peace-building process in the region.

Main purpose of HUMSEC was to establish a network of scientists working in the project field and to enhance the dialogue between scientists from the European Union and the Western Balkan region. With the only exception of Macedonia, all Western Balkan countries were represented in the consortium. Particular attention had been paid in the composition of the consortium on the variety and equal distribution of scientific disciplines (the consortium consisted of universities and research institutes of criminal law, international law and criminology as well as human rights centres) to allow a truly interdisciplinary scientific dialog.

Dissemination of research for the civil society and for future political leaders was guaranteed through: the publication of the working papers that were presented at the network Annual Conferences on the project website; the creation of a project related online journal, which was published annually; the organisation of three summer academies which had the aim to present and discuss the results of the Annual Conferences among young professionals and provide in this way the basis for capacity building in the field of the project; the presentation of a state of the art book to summarise and present the results of the network activities.


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